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The Best Yoga Books: 17 Must-Reads For Yogis

Are you looking for the best yoga books to read this Summer?

Yoga is a practice, it is something to be experienced, and there are many philosophies and knowledge attached to this ancient practice that is worth reading into if you’re looking to expand your knowledge and your yoga practice.

There are, of course, thousands of yoga books out there that are worth a read, here is a small selection that taps into a broad range of interests, some of the best yoga books that you should definitely read.

From classical texts to contemporary yoga books, this article will give you a wide perspective of the diversity of subjects that yoga can be a part of so you can choose some that serve you wherever you may be in your path.

The newer yoga books may be more relatable to our current lived experiences, yet the ancient texts are crucial to understanding the roots of yoga and the reason behind it all.

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