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Whether you're new to the yoga practice, have been getting on your mat for years, or even if you're a yoga teacher, welcome to the Resource Library!
The practices, techniques, and resources shared here are all designed to inspire, support, and empower you.
As a dedicated advocate for accessible and inclusive yoga, I bring knowledge from years of practice and teaching in hatha, vinyasa, yoga, and more for you to explore and try.

I have organized the resources into categories, including: Yoga Practice, Meditation & Breathwork Techniques, Slow Living & Self-Care, Accessible Yoga, and Teacher Resources. Each category is filled with rich content that's informative and transformative, aimed at helping you live more aligned and joyful. 

Yoga Blocks Explained & 10 Best Yoga Block Poses

Have you ever used props in your yoga practice? Have you ever tried any yoga block poses?

Many times, yoga practitioners have been lead to believe for one reason or another that the use of blocks, or any other prop for that matter, is a crutch that they just don’t need in their physical practice if they are truly committed to yoga.

Some yoga teachers and students have bought into the narrative that using a prop is a sign of weakness or lack of discipline; as if the goal of yoga was to force ourselves into shapes, almost adding suffering, instead of utilizing the practice as a path toward well-being, self-empowerment, and balance.

In truth however, yoga props, and blocks in particular, are an incredible tool that both new and experienced yogis can use to support and enhance their asana practice.

The belief that supporting ourselves in our practice with props and other tools (or in our lives!) is a weakness can often hinder our ability to go through certain experiences or access particular postures.

B.K.S. Iyengar was one of the first believers that bringing props into the practice isn’t only recommended but necessary to make the practice accessible to people; the point is not to adapt ourselves into the shapes, but for the postures to be modified and adapted to fit the practitioner.

In this article you will find:

  • What Are Yoga Blocks and What are They For?

  • Types of Yoga Blocks

  • 10 Best Yoga Block Poses to Try

  • Alternatives to Blocks


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