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My 5 Nonnegotiable Things to Look for Before Taking a Yoga Teacher Training.

I began practicing yoga sporadically in my early 20s, and I still recall the number of times I saw a teacher approach a student after class to let them know how “strong of a practice they had” and how “incredible they would be as teachers.”

They would then be invited to take the studio’s yoga teacher training (YTT), and I’d see their eyes light up, nodding in excitement.

I couldn’t fail to notice something, though. The “perfect student” seemed to often have similar characteristics: a white young woman, able-bodied, fit (whatever the hell that means), and, most likely, with a dance background, or simply the ability to move their body gracefully. None of which, by the way, are prerequisites to becoming a skilled yoga teacher.

Even though I was never “the chosen one”—nor did I want to be—I got to a point in my life where the benefits of yoga were undeniable, and since I had begun incorporating yoga into my daily routine and was beginning to teach little pieces of the practice to my figure skating students, I decided to take the plunge and find a yoga teacher training.

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