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Koshas And Yoga | Peeling Back The Five Layers Of Being

If you’ve ever experienced yoga, whether the physical practice (asana), or any of its other aspects including breath work, meditation, and more, you may have noticed its effects way beyond how you feel physically.

There are layers to the practice, just like there are layers to who we are, five exact, and they are known as the 5 Koshas.

Yoga is a practice designed to get us more in touch with ourselves and our true essence.

Just like learning about how often we should practice yoga, knowing what different practices can do for us, is also important in order to choose and explore techniques that we can connect to and utilize.

Teachers and practitioners of yoga often speak about peeling back the layers to tap into our truth, but what does this truly mean? Well, enter the Koshas.

In this article, you will learn more about each layer of being and the different ways in which you can merge the Koshas and yoga, not only in your movement practice, but way beyond by exploring.

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