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Resource Library.

Whether you're new to the yoga practice, have been getting on your mat for years, or even if you're a yoga teacher, welcome to the Resource Library!
The practices, techniques, and resources shared here are all designed to inspire, support, and empower you.
As a dedicated advocate for accessible and inclusive yoga, I bring knowledge from years of practice and teaching in hatha, vinyasa, yoga, and more for you to explore and try.

I have organized the resources into categories, including: Yoga Practice, Meditation & Breathwork Techniques, Slow Living & Self-Care, Accessible Yoga, and Teacher Resources. Each category is filled with rich content that's informative and transformative, aimed at helping you live more aligned and joyful. 

Meditation Can Be For You Too: 3 Ways to Explore Meditation

Telling you that having a consistent meditation practice is one of the most powerful things you can do for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is hopefully old news to you.

Nowadays there is so much research about the benefits of meditation, that it should be as vital as drinking water daily. All the evidence is there, yet millions struggle with stress, anxiety, and mental health disorders associated with the hectic lifestyles we live.

Scientific research all over the world agrees that a consistent meditation practice can:

  • Better your concentration and focus

  • Improve self-awareness and self-esteem

  • Help you reduce anxiety and stress

  • Improve your sleep quality

  • Aid in pain management

  • Assist in regulating emotions

I truly believe the world would be a better place if we all sat down daily, took a deep breath, and meditated; even if for 2 minutes.

But folks don’t have enough time or don’t know where to start, or perhaps are worried that meditation conflicts with their religion or beliefs…

There is a plethora of reasons why many have never even tried to meditate, but I often hear that finding stillness, closing your eyes, and breathing in the present moment can be terrifying.

I have had a daily meditation practice for around a decade that ebbs and flows with me, and when I started, after one or two minutes, my mind would attack:

“You should be working” “The laundry needs to be folded” “When was the last time you called mum?”

At first, I thought this meant I was failing. I would open my eyes and walk away in frustration. But I slowly learned to observe, and take a step to the side; watching the fluctuations of my mind.

It is part of my daily Sadhana to sit with myself, yet I know I can get easily bored with routine (Ashtanga yoga is like torture to me), so I give myself space to switch it up.

Here are a few ways to meditate if you don’t know where to start, or if like myself, you like to find new ways to freshen up your practice.


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