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Resource Library.

Whether you're new to the yoga practice, have been getting on your mat for years, or even if you're a yoga teacher, welcome to the Resource Library!
The practices, techniques, and resources shared here are all designed to inspire, support, and empower you.
As a dedicated advocate for accessible and inclusive yoga, I bring knowledge from years of practice and teaching in hatha, vinyasa, yoga, and more for you to explore and try.

I have organized the resources into categories, including: Yoga Practice, Meditation & Breathwork Techniques, Slow Living & Self-Care, Accessible Yoga, and Teacher Resources. Each category is filled with rich content that's informative and transformative, aimed at helping you live more aligned and joyful. 

4 Conscious Ways to Climb out of the “Phone Addiction” Rabbit Hole.

If you don’t think you’re addicted to your phone, think again.

In 2021, the average adult in the United States admitted to being on their phone for five to six hours a day, not counting work-related stuff.

That’s a brutality of time spent scrolling through trivial cat memes and looking at your ex-wife’s new house.

Experts say that more than two hours of screen time a day is harmful, yet our society keeps pushing toward a model where smartphones and apps are not only a necessity but a requirement to operate in daily life.

Ethically questionable companies continue to profit from our screen time as we get dumber, more dependent, and less sovereign.

We dive into this make-believe world willingly to get away from our real lives.

Sure, I have met some incredible people and I love the online communities that I am a part of. I’ve gotten several incredible job opportunities through social media that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Yet I think that 80 percent of the content I consumed online is meaningless and doesn’t add any value to my life.


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