A Practice of Becoming


Having a sustainably consistent yoga and meditation practice is one of the most important yet elusive things for many yoga practitioners and teachers. We lose balance, life gets in the way, and we often let reasons become excuses, finding it hard to return to the practice after a break and remember why we practiced in the first place.

Join me for a 3 hour workshop where we will explore the meaning and importance of developing a personal Sadhana to find Balance.


Through basic yogic philosophical principles you will gain a deeper understanding of why and how to create and stick to a daily practice that will fuel your resilience, your creativity, and your ability to find more harmony in your life.

DATE:  Saturday, April 9th, 2022 - 2-5pm EST

PLACE: Indra Yoga Ft. Myers

This workshop is registered with Yoga Alliance and teachers are eligible for CEU credits.



Practices of Resonance

Have you ever experienced the power of sound in a healing way? Are you craving a new and different resonance in your practice and in your life?


The vibrations created by sound are well known to affect our human form physically and emotionally as seen in the universality of music and dance.


Join Laia and Barri in a sound based yoga and meditation practice on July 23rd at Sun Yoga. A variety of vibrations, sounds, and instruments will be used to create a unique, resonant experience to shift and revitalize your body, mind and spirit. 


Beginner Arm Balances


Join me for this fun introduction to arm balances.

This workshop will begin with a short vinyasa flow warm up to prepare the body to explore the playful and dynamic shapes of balancing on the hands.

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of arm balancing through wrist and shoulder care, preparatory poses and proper core engagement.

Some yoga experience is advisable, but come as you are! We will explore arm balances together and see where it takes us!

DATE:  Saturday, April 17th, 2021 - 12:30pm EST

PLACE: Sun Yoga Tampa

This workshop is registered with Yoga Alliance and teachers are eligible for CEU credits.

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Yoga Flow with Live Vocals

Songs of Truth

Join me and singer/songwriter Ona Kirei for a unique collaboration of vinyasa yoga and live vocals.


This practice will combine the benefits of breath work and fluid poses to the harmony of live vocals from the heart. Embark on journey of healing through, conscious movement, peace, and intention. This is perfect practice for all levels to learn and grow.


Space is limited, so sign up in advance online or in the studio!


DATE: Sunday, February 2nd 2020  4:00PM EST

PLACE: Sun Yoga Tampa


Rooftop Yoga Class in Barcelona

Join me in sunny, beautiful downtown Barcelona for an amazing 1.5 hour Yoga masterclass in a very cool space with an amazing view.

We will celebrate the upcoming Autumn Equinox with a yoga flow that will be fun and sweet and will leave you ready for La Mercè, one of Barcelona's biggest 

DATE: Friday, September 20th  18:30 UCT+2

PLACE: El Born, Barcelona, Spain


Create your own Sadhana


Sadhana means daily spiritual practice. From meditation, to intention setting, to the yoga practice, creating a personal daily ritual will completely transform your life.

Join me in this 2.5 hour workshop to explore the best daily practices that you can do at home, while travelling, or anywhere else, that will ground you and connect you to yourself every single day.

This workshop is registered with Yoga Alliance and teachers are eligible for CEU credits.

DATE: Sunday, 8th of September 2019 3:00PM EST

PLACE: Sun Yoga Tampa