Writing is one of my other passions, and I am very grateful to be able to write about yoga, meditation, and other subjects that are relevant to me in several publications.

Find a compilation of the latest published articles below!

If we want to be Writers, We Need to Write

January 2022 - Elephant Journal

In my first article on Elephant Journal, I share my journey as to how I became a writer and what has brought me to start drafting my first fiction novel!


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Accessing Headstand - Sirsasana

November 2021 - Ekhart Yoga

If you'd like to develop a Headstand practice, read my step by step guide for getting upside down using yoga blocks!

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How to Theme Your Yoga Classes

August 2021 - Ekhart Yoga

Theming is the golden thread that weaves the poses, the breath, and the experience of a yoga class together. in this article, I share how to create themes that will inspire you and resonate with your students.

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How to deepen your yoga practice

April 2021 - Ekhart Yoga

When you’ve been doing yoga for a while it’s common to get to this point when you feel you want to take your practice further. You sense that you are just scratching the surface of what yoga truly is and are eager to go deeper. Or perhaps you feel like you have hit a plateau and want to make changes.

I have developed steps to emerge from this stagnation, rediscover myself, and evolve and deepen my yoga practice.

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The Value of Community to an Anxious Yogi

December 2021 - Ekhart Yoga

In this article I share my view on the importance of finding (and creating) a yoga community where we are seen, heard and included.

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Yoga and Chronic Illness

September 2021 - Ekhart Yoga

I share 4 key points to consider if you have a chronic illness and want to keep up a regular practice of yoga from my lived perspective of living with a chronic illness while being a yogi.

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Accessing Malasana: Garland Pose

June 2021 - Ekhart Yoga

Malasana is a yoga pose that can feel challenging for many people - but it doesn't have to be this way if we let go of the idea that there's only one 'right' way to do it. In this article, I share some of my favourite variations for making it more accessible.

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