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Resource Library.

Whether you're new to the yoga practice, have been getting on your mat for years, or even if you're a yoga teacher, welcome to the Resource Library!
The practices, techniques, and resources shared here are all designed to inspire, support, and empower you.
As a dedicated advocate for accessible and inclusive yoga, I bring knowledge from years of practice and teaching in hatha, vinyasa, yoga, and more for you to explore and try.

I have organized the resources into categories, including: Yoga Practice, Meditation & Breathwork Techniques, Slow Living & Self-Care, Accessible Yoga, and Teacher Resources. Each category is filled with rich content that's informative and transformative, aimed at helping you live more aligned and joyful. 

How to theme your yoga classes

As a former figure skater and lover of choreography, it was perhaps unsurprising that, once I began teaching yoga about a decade ago, sequencing and theming were two aspects that really intrigued me. I loved taking other teachers’ classes, adapting their sequences to my body, mood, or to those of my students. Spending time time on my mat at home, exploring different postures and transitions, was the most effective way for me to practice. I began to be more mindful of my language, my cadence, and the overall experience that I was trying to offer anyone who came to one of my classes.


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