I am super excited to announce that I have recently joined the world-class teaching staff at Ekhart Yoga!

If you're looking for an online platform with some of the most amazing and skilled teachers out there at an affordable monthly rate, search no more! Ekhart Yoga gives you access to a library of nearly 4,000 classes, as well as curated yoga programs and specialized content. Separately, we have a Teacher Training Academy which features in-depth online courses and trainings.

My first class will be a part of the wonderful 30 Day September Challenge!

Throughout September you'll get a 30 minute class each day to help you build a healthy yoga routine that will bring you more energy, strength and balance. Take the time out each day to connect with your body, breath and mind.

New to EkhartYoga? Try the first 3 classes for free, or sign up for a 14 day free trial.

Follow the link to check it out!



Are you always on the go and don't have time to attend my live classes or do you simply live too far away but would still love to get the  benefits of yoga in your own home?


Subscribe to my YouTube channel and do yoga with me at your own convenience and on demand.  I post short classes a few times a year focused on different styles of yoga and different needs.


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