laia bove


Yoga has had and continues to have a great impact in my life, and my intention is to share yoga and its benefits with as many people as possible.Yoga is a way of life, it is a revolution for the body, mind, and soul, and it has changed me deeply.


It is an honour to be able to lead people through a practice that can potentially open their hearts and minds to the possibilities and to something greater than themselves.My intention when teaching yoga is to help people of all backgrounds, physical abilities and people of all shapes and colours to feel empowered to make choices that are good for them, that make them feel good, that allow them to live their lives on their own terms and enjoy it to the fullest.


Accessibility, inclusivity, and equity are an important part of everything that I do, and I strive to bring all three into my offerings and teachings.

Ona K.

Laia’s balance of raw honesty, kindness, and humanity, make of Laia the best yoga teacher I’ve known. And she is also so much fun!

Monica C.

By far, the best yoga class I’ve ever been to. I’ve taken a few of her classes now at The Salt Room for Salty Flow Yoga. She has the unique ability to make anyone and everyone feel comfortable with what they’re able to do. Fun and relaxing class at the same time. You can tell Laia loves what she does and loves sharing her gift with others. Thank you for doing what you do, Laia!!!!

Laura V.

We love Laia’s classes. She is flexible and caring. She helps you when you needed and makes you improve and get to know your body!

Adeline W.

Laia is a beautiful yoga instructor. She has great playlist and is very inspiring. She always knows when to ask someone to push their practice to the next level and delivers great messages during her practices. She will help you with your practice goals and wants your yoga experience to be more than just a workout. I’d highly recommend her. I can’t wait to get back to practicing with her in her Monday night vinyasa class at Sun Yoga. namaste

Nicci T.

Laia is patient and so knowledgeable. She really helps me to disconnect from outside and commit to my practice on the mat. I’ve pushed myself so much further than I thought possible in her classes and I highly recommend her classes to anyone!